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Smart City


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The Project Gijon_IN has applied to the aid scheme of Smart City Expo World Congress, whose purpose is to encourage the use of the Information and Communications Technology to achieve sustainable development on urban areas.
After two years evaluation national, European and international alternatives, we opted by an smart city modelbased on end to end integration between the new smart city services and the traditional city management systems. Develops the model on the already constructed, opening systems of municipal management that are transformed and become the management systems of the city, which are implemented in related and comprehensive way with open data strategy, the strategy for the development of the internet of things about the open and standard protocols like 6LoWPAN and the Open Government with the transparency strategy , the collaboration and the citizen engadgement incorporating the co-creation of services public and the digital transformation of the city.

We have 5 vertical services: lighting, water, energy, air quality and buildings over M2M platform with an app garden to open the innovation ecosystem and the promotion of entrepreneurs. Possibility of incorporating vertical for services public and private to a cost certain and known assumable by the entrepreneurs for 4,850 nodes, scalable network in plates of 250 nodes at a competitive price (sustainable). Protocol open 6Lo
WPAN. Includes the use of open-hardware, open-software, and open-IoT.

You can find more information here
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