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Participative Budget's final results for 2018


(Total de votos recibidos 65)

(Puntuación 3,07)

presupuestos participativos
Check the final results about the participative budget 2018 process here: ACCESS FINAL RESULTS
You can see how many people have participated, the proposals content, the process details and other information here: ACCESS INFORMATION

The 9 proposals that have surpassed the 5% of support and thus will be incorporated into the 2018 Municipal Budget:
  • Synthetic rugby field, finish the locker rooms and power improvements.
  • Ateneo La Calzada Library. Improvements and renovation.
  • La Serena cultural space.
  • Synthetic grass football field.
  • Pedestrian and Cycling safe access at Nuevo Roces neighbourhood.
  • Acquisition of 10 apartments for elderly people with low resources.
  • Paving replacement at Carretera de Veranes, Caino de Brañes de Curiel at Aguda and Camino de Suañe.
  • Acoustic traffic lights.
  • Installing video surveillance cameras for pollution.

You can check the content on each one of them here: ACCESS PARTICPATIVE BUDGET.

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